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Johnny-Lee distills decades of sales experience and insights into his newly-released (and soon-to-be-released!) books. His written works are also available in audio format. Whether on-the-page or in your headphones, Johnny-Lee takes his readers on a tour-de-force ride that empowers you to step up and into the life of your dreams! See titles below.

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Psssst... we’ve been duped!


Our whole lives we’ve been conditioned to admire the success of others. Athletes, movie stars, business titans, the movers and shakers. We put them on a pedestal, worship their success, and then go back to our mediocre lives. Nobody ever told us that WE can have that same success. Nobody ever said it’s time to STOP admiring and START acquiring... until now.


Don’t Admire, Acquire! is a manifesto against mediocre, and it’s guaranteed to equip you with the practical tools you need to achieve excellence in sales, business, and in life. It’s meant to be a take-it-everywhere, easy-reference MASTER guide — chock full of actionable strategies and tactics — that will propel you to next-level success.


It’s all about MASSIVE action. And it starts today... right here and right now. Join sales genius, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur Johnny-Lee Reinoso on a one-way ticket to a life of abundant success, and the life YOU deserve. Without a doubt, these 105 pages will TRANSFORM your life.

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