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Meet  Johnny-Lee

As far back as he can remember, Johnny-Lee Reinoso’s life has been fueled by passion, hope, and the hustle to make big things happen. He was born in the early 80’s in Bridgeport, CT to immigrant parents. His mother came from Portugal, and his father from Peru, and both embody that kind-hearted, shirt-off-your-back mentality that built this great nation. Their desire to give to others has stuck with Johnny-Lee and his older brother throughout their lives.

Force Multiplier

Johnny-Lee eventually relocated to the Sunshine State of Florida, where he left the finance industry and joined a management consulting firm. Ever the ‘Force Multiplier’, he created and implemented a sales system that resulted in a 600% revenue increase for the company. He went on to fine-tune his proprietary sales system, engineered it to be 100% repeatable, and founded his company C-Level Partners around this proven methodology. Johnny-Lee has since built C-Level Partners into a highly-successful, global business development firm that is focused on client acquisition for companies across a variety of verticals.

Johnny Lee's Journey

From a ripe young age, Johnny-Lee knew he wanted to be in business to serve others, and it manifested in legendary ways throughout the years, including:

  • At just 2 years old, he tried to sell his tricycle and household items to folks in the neighborhood.

  • When the kid-capitalist turned 14, he secured his first real job selling beepers and cell phones. (He sold so much merchandise that the owner was forced to expand and invest in other locations to keep up with demand.)

  • At age 18, he got into fitness sales at the largest privately held fitness club and quickly emerged as the #1 sales consultant.

  • Then, early in his professional career, Johnny-Lee’s passion to win drove him to become the top account executive at a massive publicly-traded lending institution.

  • At 21 he made waves in the world of real estate finance, outselling thousands of other sales execs at another large lender.

Sales has undoubtedly transformed his life, so Johnny-Lee now shares his proven blueprint to help others on their quest for success. His first book titled “Don’t Admire, ACQUIRE! How To Cultivate Excellence In Sales And In Life” is chock-full of practical advice for those hungry for success. Today, when he isn’t expanding his firm, speaking at conferences, or training up entrepreneurs and salespeople, you can find Johnny-Lee spending time with his wife and three kids, or trying his best to model Christ to his community.


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